Política de Privacidade

General information:

When you visit our website, different sets of information are collected including the IP address you are accessing the website from, the version and type of web browser you are using to access the website, the operating system used, any referring domains, and time of the request. With this information, we cannot identify individual user’s identity and we do not intend to attempt to do so. We use the collected data for statistical purposes only, mainly to help us improve the content, look, and feel of our website. Please note that we may collect additional data, including email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses and name, which you voluntarily provide us with while using our website. You can still pay and use our services without providing us with said personal data, either by accessing our services using a pseudonym or anonymized data.


This website uses cookies to collect data used for statistical purposes. Cookies are small files stored on your computer’s hard drive that monitor your activity while using our website, thus providing useful data that would help us make navigation easier. When cookies are stored on your computer, you will not need to enter all the required data to use this website every time you visit. This data allows us to customize our website in order to match your specific preferences and needs, and this is part of our effort to give you seamless access to pages and services. If you do not want to have cookies saved on your computer, you can use your browser settings to decline cookies from our website. To know how to configure your web browser to manage cookies, please navigate to the help center of the browser you are using. For cookies which are already saved on your computer, you can delete them any time. Please note that disabling cookies might restrict some functions on our website and you may not enjoy a fully streamlined experience.

Supply of data to third parties:

Unless otherwise stated in this declaration, any data you share with us, or any data we collect from you while using our website, will be kept secret and will not be shared with third parties, except in situations where it is a legal obligation, or when this data has to be transmitted for purposes of implementing the contractual relationship you sign up to. Third party partners and businesses, including online payment providers, will only access this data when it is necessary to process your order. In such cases, we ensure that the scope of transmission of the data is maintained to the agreed upon minimum essentials. We also enforce a strict data protection policy for any personal data you provide or we come in contact with, and our action in doing so is in line with the provisions of data protection legislation. Please note that we are not responsible for data you supply to other service providers. We only take measures to ensure that any data shared about you from other service providers complies with legal requirements governing data protection and privacy, as spelled out on our privacy policy.

Google Analytics:

This website uses Google Analytics, an analytics service supported by Google, which helps websites understand how to customize pages in order to improve user experience. This service uses cookies to track your action including the time you spend on our website and the pages you visit. Please note that no personal data about you is collected using our Google Analytics account, and this means we are not able to identify who was on our website. You can learn more about Google Analytics from the official Google Analytics page.

Google Adwords Remarketing:

Usamos o remarketing do Google AdWords para fins de publicidade na Internet. O programa de remarketing do AdWords permite a exibição de anúncios relevantes com base nas páginas do nosso site que você visita. Esta informação é recolhida por um cookie colocado no seu computador. ESTE COOKIE NÃO IDENTIFICARÁ QUALQUER INFORMAÇÃO PESSOAL OU PERMITIRÁ ACESSO AO SEU COMPUTADOR. Com o programa de remarketing do Google AdWords, podemos personalizar nosso marketing para atender às suas necessidades e mostrar apenas anúncios que você prefere ver.

Facebook: Pixel de público personalizado (Público personalizado do seu site):

Um pixel de público personalizado do Facebook é um código JavaScript instalado em cada página do nosso site que coleta e transmite dados definidos pelo usuário para o programa de marketing do Facebook. Usamos este serviço para coletar dados sobre o comportamento dos usuários em nosso site. Alguns dos dados coletados pelo pixel incluem a sessão do navegador do usuário, que é enviada ao Facebook acompanhada de um ID do Facebook com hash e da URL visitada pelo usuário. Cada usuário no facebook tem um ID do facebook único que é independente do dispositivo, isso nos ajuda a monitorar os usuários do nosso site quando eles acessam a partir de uma ampla variedade de dispositivos. Usamos esses dados para fins comerciais, especificamente para direcionar anúncios com a plataforma de anúncios do facebook.


Você só pode receber informações publicitárias de nosso boletim informativo se nos permitir usar seu endereço de e-mail para esse fim. Nosso site ou seus afiliados nunca lhe enviarão newsletters ou e-mails publicitários nos quais você não se inscreveu. Ao subscrever a nossa newsletter, pode escolher as suas áreas de interesse para receber emails relevantes. Usamos esses dados, juntamente com seus dados pessoais, para compartilhar informações de seu interesse. Se você preferir optar por não receber nosso boletim informativo ou e-mails de publicidade, clique no link de cancelamento de inscrição disponível na parte inferior do e-mail.